7 Hacks to Wear Black in Summer

Wearing an inky shade like black on summer days is a deeply ingrained no-go. People would go for a light-coloured smocked cotton dress or shirts in breezy colours in summer far from picking a textured black dress or a black ribbed top. This scorching heat can hinder you from wearing black often in summer but can you ever think of denying the fashion’s favourite colour for a whole summer? You will nod a big no because black is the chicest and a flattering shade for anyone. You’ll not need to quit your favourite ink-shaded dresses just because its summer. Here are some hacks to float in noir dresses straight through this summer by soaking up the sun!

1. Showing some skin will be summery!

Showing some skin is a tried-and-true method for pairing black with summer clothing to make it fashionable, seasonally appropriate, and not too dark. As long as you feel amazing, anything is acceptable, including slightly broader necklines, baring legs, short sleeves, and tops and blouses that expose the arms. Even if you aren’t even quite tanned, your all-black outfit will feel lighter and more summery.

2. Try using black in patterns and prints

Try prints and patterns instead of all black if you find it to be too dark during the long summer days. A fine floral print or a paisley pattern will go more lively on you while a geometric or striped pattern can give you a bolder look.

3. Always use breathable fabric!

Avoid wearing black unless it's made of breathable materials like linen, silk, or a light cotton blend. The right fabric can keep you cool even if it is summer and you are in black. Search for silhouettes that readily create airflow while not adhering to the body. Oversized cotton dresses are a must-have and look great when worn with clunky sandals or these spectacular flip-flops.

4. Select wider silhouettes.

For those who enjoy tight-fitting lines, summer is also the season of freedom. At the end of the day, we just want to feel comfy and fresh. Therefore, we should choose wider but still sharp lines for our clothing rather than sticking to black.

5. Wear them in the evenings

The summer’s heat gets gentler in the evenings. So, you can wear your favourite black dress in the evenings without a second thought. Beyond this, in the evening, after sunset, when the sun has set and artificial lights make black look soft and natural, yet also dramatic and ideal for a night out. So, black is the perfect colour for long, sexy summer nights and be ready with your go-to summer night look in black.

6. Your shoe should be a show-stealer!

Spent some money on a summery pair of shoes or sandals. Adding more open shoes, preferably in a lighter or brighter colour, to mostly black clothing will be summery. Flip flops, jelly shoes, flat sandals, and heals will go chic with a black attire. Even white sneakers can do magic on you when they are paired with a black dress.

7. Accept summery accessories!

The black attire becomes stunning when summery accessories are added. Consider a raffia bag, a colorful belt, a sun hat and a perfect black sun glass according to your outfit. Looking for more hacks like these. Follow us for more!

5 Tips to Define Your Personal Style

Are you tired of searching for your personal style? Adding a plot twist to your look by unveiling your personal style is a great thing. Everybody owns a personal style. It isn’t about blindly following the latest fashion or always staying high on trends. You need to ponder on and figure out the style that can better present you in front of the world and add a touch of that style to everything you wear. Finding your unique style is not as easy as watching the trending transformation video on TikTok ‘before and after finding my personal style’. You’ll need to spend a quite chunk of your time on finding it. We are always happy to join you in your journey to find out your unique style. This article can surely help you to find it. Browse through it.

1. Know your body shape

The first step toward your journey to find out your personal style should probably be determining your body type. It isn’t because your body shape dictates what you should wear, but rather because you are aware of the types of clothing that would suit you the best. It’s more like figuring out what your strengths are and utilizing them. So, know your body shape and remember it’s a tool in curating your personal style.

2. Hear the stories of your dresses

Just run toward your wardrobe and scim through every dress in it. Your every dress will have a story to share with you. Some will be your favorites and some others will be an unused pile. Look at the clothing you’ve purchased over the past few years, the items you’ve worn the most frequently, the unopened pile, the impulsive buys, the items you hope to one day fit into or wear, etc. Naturally, the clothes that you see the most often indicate the style you prefer.

3. Think about your looks

Just go through your gallery and evaluate your various attires. This will really help you to find your personal style. Create a folder with old images of yourself, including the ones you enjoy the most and the clothing you frequently wear. That gives you a better idea of what you want, so you should probably evaluate your wardrobe, get rid of everything you do not need, and add to it according to your personal style. Style your most recurrent and personal favorite attire according to the current fashion trends.

4. Who inspires you?

Consider the fact that everyone has a natural predisposition for a certain style. You may also have some style icons to follow. Sometimes we kind of know it, and other times we need to hear it from someone. Do you prefer to be prim and proper or do you prefer to meet friends in a pair of jeans, a cotton shirt, a sneaker, light makeup, etc.? You ought to decide your future purchases upon that.

5. Know your favourite colours and prints

Just think about Wednesday Addams from Netflix’s hit series Wednesday. She has a thing for black dresses with light silhouettes. Are you into some particular colours like that? Do you love pastels or inky shades? Whatever focus on your favorite colours and prints. Colours are critical in creating your signature style. You can go through our website and check whether your personal inclinations match our designs. Do you want to know more about finding out your personal style? Reach out to us today!

Different Types of Salwar Designs to Own a Perfect Glam Look

Are you in love with that classy salwar look? You must own at least one salwar suit in your wardrobe if you love traditional and ethnic clothing. Its the most relaxed, ready-to-wear, and consistently fashionable clothing you’ll ever own. Nothing is there as classy and distinctive as your Indian collection! A swirl of the dupattas, the soft fabrics, and the striking designs can make any woman a wee bit more special. It is completely insane to think of Indian festivals and marriages without salwars. It goes without saying that the correct bottoms completely change the appearance of salwars. Lets look at some salwar types, shall we? Here is a guide to your different variety of salwar looks. Browse through it.

1. Straight Cut Salwar

The most often worn style of salwar suits in India is this traditional straight-cut style. Despite being elegant, the pyjama-style salwar suits timeless pattern is pretty exceptional in terms of sophistication. With its charm and finesse, this gorgeous ethnic clothing beautifully conveys the traditions and customs of India. These salwar suits are available in a variety of materials, including cotton, silk and crepe, and are ideal for both formal and informal occasions.

2. Anarkali Salwar Suit

Anarkali salwar suit kameez is the most well-known and traditional ethnic clothing that dates back to the Mughal era. This stunning and regal salwar suit can turn everyone’s attention to you at all times. This salwar kameez style, renowned for its utmost grandeur, flatters all body types. A woman can easily seem lovely and graceful by wearing a floor-length Anarkali suit to a wedding or festive event.

3. Patiala salwars

As the name implies, Patiala, Punjab, is where Patiala salwars originate. These perky salwars were originally only worn by Punjabi women on very special occasions. Today's fashion has greatly adopted this look. The pants are made lovely and comfy by the pleats that extend from the top to the bottom cuffs.

4. Sharara Style Salwars

A traditional salwar kameez in the sharara style is one of the trendiest and most appealing ethnic clothes today. The most popular outfit is a richly embellished sharara suit with a vintage flair of luxury that is never short on adornments and distinctive designs. A flowy bottom, a short Kurti, and a sheer, embellished dupatta are all characteristics of salwar kameez in the sharara style. This outfits short Kurti carries the endowment to provide the sharara plenty of room to display its beauty and graceful charm.

5. Asymmetric Salwar Kameez

In this scorching summer, women might choose a patterned cotton asymmetric salwar kameez to stay cool and casual without sacrificing style. This pure cotton salwar suit in the style of Bollywood is fitted and embellished with spectacular ornamentation, ornamental engravings, and abstract embellishments to give it a fashionable charm.

6. Afghani salwars

The difference between the Patiala or conventional type of salwar and the so-called Aladdin salwars (another name for Afghani salwars) is the size of the bottom cuffs. They can be either extra wide like harem and fitted at the bottom, or straight pleated salwars with large cuffs. From jacket-style salwar suits to sharara suits, Yaami Designs offers a variety of salwar kameezes that can be purchased online. Place your orders now.